• Rachel Jeffs Blackmore


Freedom is like living life in fast-forward. At least for someone like me who use to have another choose every direction my life went. The wait and uncertainty of that way of living is like being a turtle crossing a street. You don't know how long you'll be there, you may get ran over several times, and you pretty much don't get anywhere. It seems like that was one very long day a whole lifetime ago.

But now I'm running to catch up. A huge 'wow, where did time go' slap in the brain thought was "How is my baby girl, Ember, already a senior?" Just yesterday she was twelve and we were trying to figure this new life out together. Now, nearly an adult, I look at the beautiful person she is and I'm so proud of her and how well she has adapted to real life. Her strength to look to the future with happy anticipation is commendable.

What will life bring her? What will she accomplish? Sometimes its easy to let these questions worry or excite me; but then I remember that somehow God saw me through and I trust he will do the same for her.

Together, we're going to keep living this fast-forward life, getting as much out of it as we can because there is so much to live for and do, and so little time to do it.

Don't let someone else choose your life. Don't let anyone control you through fear because, when you finally wake up from that bad dream, life will be in fast-forward and you'll be running to catch up. For those in abusive or controlling situations, find freedom. The strength to do so is inside of you. Be free to be happy and life will take you on your fast-forward journey.

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