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Autumn Family Picture Tradition

Family pictures for us are not easy to get. I know every time I decide to do them I'm setting myself up for arguments, laughs, elbows, and moody teens. But is it mom-worth it? When I go through the shots and see they pulled wierd faces in some, didn't really look in others, their slouches and the complaints in their faces, and then I see the good smiling ones, I know its all worth it. Forever memories; I'm happy I take the time and effort and I think the kids are glad too. Maybe.

It started the night before with me preparing my mom-heart, telling myself all the good reasons I needed to do family photos. The next morning I made the kids get up early, even though it was Sunday, which was the first mark on their mind charts for grumps. I found every outfit for each child under 14 because you know boys, they can't really see anything they are "trying" to look for. Then I worked on hairdos' all the while reminding the older teens that, "We need to get going, the younger kids are all going to be ready when you're just getting started." Which is exactly what happened. In the back of their minds they were thinking, "Is mom really going to put us through this again?"

Four hours later, we were mostly ready. We got everyone in the vehicle and one of the girls decided she needed a different outfit. So we sat as a family and waited. The boys started commenting, "Why do the girls think they have to look so perfect?" "Do girls have to be so picky?" "Can we just go already?" When she finally came out, there was plenty of word-pouncing.

As we got going on the road, the crisp beauty of the fall afternoon decended on everyone and they all went quiet for a moment enjoying the scenery around them. It didn't last long. They all started trying to tell me where they thought the best place is to go for pictures. In the end, mom decided because really, that's the only way to keep the peace. I chose the Wildlife Refuge.

And this is how we as moms want you to think it went:

When actually it went more like this:

And this:

The kids scattered everywhere. The boys snuck a rip-stick in the vehicle so they could do 'something fun' during picture taking. The girls had their cameras and were doing their own photo shoots.

Riston took over the camera for a minute because Majasa thought she could pose better for him than mom, until Lavinder came up with a good idea and decided that throwing leaves over Majasa's head would look photo-awesome.

And if looks could kill. Lavinder was thought-repentant within seconds. Majasa recovered and decided she'd work with me and we got some good photos.

Besides the very biting cold the day was perfect fall weather; damp, so any pre-curled hair was no longer, which was dissapointing for the girls. Fog covered mountains and bright colors made for a lovely backdrop. We moved around some, trying to get a variety of shots.

This one of baby Tason looking at his brother, trying to tell him about the flying geese is one of my favorites of the day. And of course, as a nature lover, the geese got a photo too.

He wanted us all to "see see" the geese.

By the time we were done the kids were all icy cold and ready to go home for some hot chocolate, blankets, and a movie. They shivered together as we drove, trying to be the one in the middle to borrow each other's heat.

Autumn family pictures are tradition, right? They are becoming that for my family. Some of the kids still have to find the joy in this tradition, maybe in their hearts they already have but don't want anyone to know. I love all of them and everything we do together is special even if its sometimes difficult.

Did you get fall family pics?

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